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Meet Bradley Odom


Southern influences have a tendency to seep in everywhere. I was born in a rural, small Mississippi town and have spent a lot of time throughout different areas of the south, including New Orleans, Birmingham and my current home, Atlanta. The rich heritage of the South informs not only how I design, but how I work with clients-family first, entertaining, outdoor/indoor living, lush greenery, inviting spaces and personal stories reflected in everyday objects. Though rooted in the South, my time in retail allowed me to visit many pockets of the U.S., and my passion for collecting inspiration and connecting with local communities has helped me expand my influences and make new friends that quickly become old ones. I’ve always worked for small, start up or reimagined brands with an entrepreneurial mind-set, most recently with West Elm as Director of Design Education. My interest in helping communities use art and design as a means of strengthening families and neighborhoods has led to various volunteer projects in Haiti and right here in Atlanta.