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Beautifully designed to last.

An heirloom-quality assortment in a storied setting.


Raw yet refined

Classic forms with modern details.

We deliberate on every detail to build character — distinctive design with a Southern sensibility.

Inviting new traditions and grounding old ones. Our assortment creates memorable settings for new memories to unfold—our storied pieces as the backdrop to your story.


Every detail matters.

Whether it's double needle stitching, burnished brass or the perfectly scaled curve of a hand-turned vase, each detail adds up to cohesive artistic expression.


Heritage in the making

Better, fewer things.

Traditions are beyond trend. We believe in quality materials and honoring crafting techniques that can only be learned with commitment and time. Character comes from who, what and how things are made.

Honest Beginnings

The origin of a name.

Long before we settled on the name, we always knew how we wanted Dixon Rye to feel:

Southern, but not hokey. Storied, but not cliché.
Masculine and gentle. Above all, intriguing.

Dixon was taken from the line drawn around the South. Rye was inspired by Salinger’s classic novel – or whiskey, depending on who you ask. We wanted a brand that sounded personal and familiar, like an old friend. Today, visitors always ask, “So, which one of you is Dixon Rye?”

A Storied Space

1085 Howell Mill
Atlanta, Georgia

In the heart of Atlanta’s Design District, we are housed in the Westside Ironworks - a 1940’s building wrought with history. With the original crane and pulley system, soaring wood ceiling and industrial garage door repurposed as the backdrop of our cash wrap, the juxtaposition of humble and luxe, raw and refined, is reminiscent of inherited pieces found all around the South.

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