May 2019

10 Essential Items

I’m fortunate to have spent time in my career within home furnishings and design as well as the fashion industry. I consider these experiences both a blessing and curse (depending on the day you ask), as they’ve informed my taste and affinity for finer things. Finer does not always equate to a higher dollar value; often times it is simple luxuries, like expectations exceeded through quality of product or service. More than anything though, finer things are the sum of how and where things are made and by whom. 

Over the years, the concept of personal essentials has grown to be more robust and meaningful. My essentials are beloved purchases that become habits rather than frills. These are things that bring me joy—over and over again. 

Bradley’s Essential 10


1. Les lunettes d’also eyeglasses

Sure, I can’t see without them, however, they are fairly new frames for me and I can’t imagine me without them. I happened upon their shop in Paris and was blown away with exceptional service. I found frames I loved and immediately purchased, assuming I would have the lenses completed upon my return to Atlanta. Carole surprised me when she volunteered to meet me a week later at the train station in Paris on my return from Antwerp (this allowed her enough time to fill my prescription). That’s service! Fun fact: the frames informed the branding for Here and There.


2. Solid Brass Braclet.png

2. Solid brass bracelet

I’m not a jewelry person. I don’t even wear a watch, but I pretty much wear this bracelet every day. A simple piece that I picked up on a trip to Los Angeles and designed by Tania of Fixed Air, it’s became a wardrobe staple.


3. Aesop Body Cleanser.png

3. Aesop Body Cleanser

I’m partial to the Coriander Seed Body Cleanser; the mix of the coriander seed, black Pepper and patchouli are warm, yet lively. You really can’t go wrong with this brand-you’ll also find their shampoo, hand cleanser and mouthwash in my bathroom.


4. Aero Utility Bag.jpg

4. Aero Leather Utility Bag from Aero

I never thought I would give up my Filson but this bag gave me no other choice. I use it daily for work, but it’s just as practical for market or even an overnight trip.


5. Maggie Rogers.jpg


On repeat? Maggie Rogers’ new album.

The second song on the album, Overnight, takes me back to my senior year of high school every listen.


6. T Magazine.jpg


T Magazine

I’ve found it to be the perfect Sunday afternoon respite. It’s an unparalleled perspective on both fashion and interiors; a true lifestyle publication.


7. Oprah's Super Soul .png

7. Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Podcast

I’ve been an Oprah fan since the late 80’s. Her latest venture with this podcast always takes me to a place of self-reflection. It’s the perfect practice to begin a new week… or tool to recenter myself when one’s gone awry.


8. Tadelakt Pottery.jpg

8. Tadelakt (Moroccan pottery) anything

Recently, I designed a new shape we refer to as the bulb; I love the shape so much that I converted it into lamps. The grey version (aka the prototype) lives on the chest of drawers in my living room.


9.Dry Cleaned Pressed Sheets.jpg

9. Dry cleaned/pressed bed sheets

Splurge. You won’t regret it.

10. Miller Union.jpg

10. Miller Union

I’m not sure if it’s the vicinity to the shop, the welcoming bar or the decadent farm egg (need I say more?), but Miller Union is a must.