May 2019

Men’s Haberdashery

“Is there anywhere that you can’t use a good plaid?”

I posed this question in the design studio a few days ago, and was thankfully met with a resounding “No!” Clearly, we hire well. 

Houndstooth, Glen, Tattersall, Tartan, Madras or WindowpaneI… beloved patterns based on the geometry of the square that have withstood the tests of time and trend. 


My first Harris Tweed sport coat was the beginning of my love for richly textured wools. Today, this love lives on not only in menswear, but also in interior design. Otherwise architecturally deft, I’ve draped the entire back wall of my bedroom with beautiful windowpane grey wool, adding a dramatic and textural element to the space. 

Outside of the realm of suiting fabrics, these rich patterns grounded in earthen shades are most often seen in home decor as bedding and throws. Personally, I’d love to make more of a statement with these classic fabrics- I’m itching to upholster the walls of a time-worn library in a masculine Glen plaid. 

If not a library, I’d love to use it for table linens, as it’s inherent aesthetic subtlety and durability could withstand the wear of many a dinner party. But be careful that it doesn’t transform a tablescape into a Scottish celebration… unless that’s your shtick.

Whatever your application of this dapper suiting material, its timeless appeal is certain to become a staple… at least, our design studio says so.