Astier De Villatte Awaji Incense ENCAWJ1

Astier De Villatte Awaji Incense ENCAWJ1


Subtly perfumed, Astier de Villatte's incense immediately bring our favorite places home, leaving long scented traces in their wake. Handmade in France. Box of 125 sticks (6¼" long), approximately 30 minute burn time/stick.

Scent: Made in the Japanese island of Awaji, using ancestral traditions and techniques, its delicate smoke exhales a delicate scent of driftwood, resins, jasmine and immortelle. Legend has it that, one day, a trunk of Agar wood was washed onto the beach. The island dwellers burned it, and the smell was so intoxicating that they decided to offer it as a gift to the Emperor, and later on erect a sanctuary. Box of 125 sticks.

H .75 x W 6” x D 2.5”

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